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Crypto Basics Club

A place for builders & doers to learn about blockchain & web3 in community.

Who We Are

A community of builders & entrepreneurs curious about web3 technology who seek a welcoming place to learn.

What We Do

Meet once per month in small groups to eat, drink, learn, and chat about crypto topics.

Club Rules

  1. There are no stupid questions.
  2. Be respectful.
  3. Teach others what you learn.

Learn about building the future

We get it. Web3 is a complex concept to understand. But it's also the future of technology, and you don't want to miss out on the opportunities it presents.

At Crypto Basics Club, we're here to help you navigate the world of web3 and understand how it can benefit your projects and businesses. Our community-driven approach allows you to learn from peers and experts, ask questions, and share knowledge.

Join us to discover the potential of web3 technology in a supportive and collaborative environment.

View upcoming events: https://lu.ma/cryptobasicsclub

Want to start your very own branch of Crypto Basics Club? Reach out to us at cryptobasicsclub@gmail.com.

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